What we do

We Can Run 3 Type Of Ads

01. Google Ads

Take advantages of Google Search and Its Search Partners along with Google Display Platforms to drive super targeted traffic. We’re Google Ads Expert Capable Enough to Drive Traffic on Demand.

02. Facebook Ads

Now let us run your Ads campaign in Social media giant that’s Facebook. We help you suggesting ads type and budget as well along with set up & Ads Optimization.

03. YouTube Ads

We can help you setting up your Video ads campaign on YouTube. Take advantage of videos by talking about your product or services in the form of stories. We also can help in creating custom explainer videos.


Landing Page Design

Landing pages play a crucial role in campaign management and help reducing spend amounts. We help to design your landing page if needed or if you already have one, we optimize it as per the keyword and Google Ads campaign setting.

Reverse Engineering
Competitors Research
Plus mobile device
Ads Performance Report

I give you prominent information regarding your campaign performance. And hence a proper report of the campaign, monthly or by-monthly is generated so that you check each and every action performed.

PPC Optimisation

Once an ad campaign established and becomes live. We optimize ads campaign entities to get maximum clicks at the most affordable budget.

Ads Copywriting

After Reverse Engneering, i start writing eye catching & high quality ads copy for your ads. We cover an extra mile for A/B Split Testing.

Have Any Questions?


You can share your AdWord account Customer ID (10 digits Numeric) with me, I will request the access to your account, Once you approve the request I will have the access. Please do NOT share your own UID and Password.

The Ad Spend is separate from the management fee. The daily/monthly budget is not included in my packages.

It is a 10 digit number that is showing in the right top corner when you logged into your account. Example: XXXX-XXX-XXX (Replace “X” with digits).

That’s okay. Just place a message. I will suggest you most effective campaign type for your business after discussing with you and analyzing your business.

We can’t guarantee sales. Sales depend on many factors: the quality of your landing page, your products or services, and your prices. We can guarantee that you will receive quality traffic to your site that has the highest chance to convert. Your site must then convert leads into sales.

I will start counting the management days after the first day of getting proper exposure (spending all or close to all of the daily budget).