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Since its inception, social media has evolved significantly. It began as a platform for friends and family members to communicate, but it has evolved into an important arena for businesses to sell their goods and services over time. While social media marketing has evolved and matured for businesses, there are still some typical misunderstandings and misconceptions about it as a marketing tool. We’ll debunk some of social media’s biggest falsehoods in today’s blog post. 

Social Media Myths-

Social Media
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1- The Usage of Video Marketing Is Increasing

Over the last few years, video marketing has become more popular as a content approach. The emergence of mobile devices and fast mobile internet has been the driver for this. These two factors make it possible to stream videos from any location. Instagram and Facebook’s largest feature to date is Stories.

Two-thirds of millennial social media users said they engaged with a brand after watching a video on social media. In addition to this, more than three-quarters of all businesses that use video marketing see a return on their investment.

2- Your product and service should be the focus of your content marketing

Is publishing a brochure considered “content marketing?” Your content should be unique, innovative and informative to get the compliments from the viewers. 

3- My customers are not social/Only young people use social media

Do you believe that Gen Z and millennials are the only ones that use social media? Reconsider your position. In 2019, approximately 2.39 billion individuals used social media around the world.

Eighty-two percent of Baby Boomers who use the internet also have a social media account. Facebook and LinkedIn are the platforms of choice for them. When compared to other generations, they are 19% more inclined to share content. Despite this, they are the least likely to use a smartphone to access social media or make a purchase.

54 percent of Boomers consume video content, in addition to posting stuff about their family on Facebook and searching for information on LinkedIn. Baby Boomer adoption rates are continuing to rise as their comfort level with social media grows.

There appears to be a social platform for anything and everyone nowadays. At least one social media outlet is likely to have an audience that will resonate with your brand.

4- Email will be replaced by social media

I’m sick of red herrings like “(blank) is dead,” and this one is the stupidest of them all. Given that you need an email to sign up for any social network, it’s difficult to imagine email going away. Furthermore, because social is primarily a loyalty play, it falls into the same strategic category as email. Both are utilized to maintain your brand in the minds of those who have granted you permission. Email and social media are complementary rather than antagonistic approaches.

5- Negative feedback should be ignored

It’s a spectator sport when it comes to social media. It’s not about making the irritated customer happy (though that would be lovely) – it’s about ensuring that your brand is remembered for listening and caring, because thousands of other customers/prospects are watching with popcorn in their laps. Respond to every comment, whether nice or negative, and do so quickly.

6- It’s All Right If You Don’t Have A Plan

When it comes to social media, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. You should plan your editorial calendar a month ahead of time.

Answer the question, “Who is my audience?” “What channels does my audience use?” and “What channels does my audience use?”

Then figure out which features on each social media platform would help you achieve your objectives (like the ability to target paid ads so specifically on Facebook).

“How do you say something informative to someone who wants to interact with us?

7- Every Post Should Include Hashtags

The purpose of hashtags is to bring together common lines of conversation. They can assist you in finding followers that are interested in your brand. While having a hashtag for an event, such as a webinar or a trade exhibition, is excellent, don’t get too excited if it doesn’t become a trending subject.

8- If you invite your friends and family to “Like” every post, your social media engagement will skyrocket

You can’t expect your mother and uncle to like every Facebook post you make. Although it may appear that you see a lot of postings that your friends or family members like, the algorithms that determine which posts are displayed on Facebook and Other social networks are slightly more complex.

To get your material to show up in people’s news feeds on social media, you’ll need a variety of individuals interacting with it – both to expand your reach and to show up in people’s news feeds. Rather than encouraging only your friends and family to Like or heart your posts, urge your followers to Like, comment, or share them to promote more debate and company recognition.

9- The purpose of social media is to attract new clients

The majority of the individuals you communicate with on social media are your present clients. According to DDB research, 84 percent of fans of company Facebook pages are current or previous clients of the company. They are, of course. We “like” what we truly enjoy. Recognize that you’re basically preaching to the choir with social media. That, in my opinion, makes social media more of a loyalty and retention play than a pure client acquisition effort.

10- There isn’t enough content for a social media platform

The issue about social media is that it goes at a breakneck speed. What is posted today may or may not be remembered tomorrow. It’s common to think of this as a problem: “I don’t have enough content to post. You might also simply repurpose or re-share fantastic material on a regular basis. According to a study, 91 percent of marketers claim their organization repurposes content across multiple social media channels.

Even if you repurpose or repost your content later, if the topic it discusses is evergreen, it will almost always be helpful. This doesn’t imply you should share the same link and commentary every day, but if a few weeks have passed and you want to promote something again, go for it. Simply do your dedicated followers a favor and provide a new interesting tidbit of information in your update.

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